Customised inflatable showroom for a product awareness

We worked closely with Get Savvy, a leading creative retail and shopper agency, to design, manufacture and deliver a portable structure promoting the Adidas ClimaHeat product range.


Adidas presented us with the challenge of customising a showroom that could tour a number of UK Shopping Centre with the objective of exposing their brand new ClimaHeat range to the thousands of shoppers visiting the centre daily. Adidas’ specific vision for the project lay in promoting the hollow-core fibres used in the insulation of their ClimaHeat line, locking in heat and providing the wearer with extra warmth and comfort.

The Outcome

Within 4 weeks of the client’s order, our highly experienced team designed, manufactured and installed an inflatable structure in Blue Water and other UK Shopping centre, measuring a total of 6m in diameter. The successful inflatable structure featured our signature durable and waterproof design with additional heating to replicate the warmth and protection of wearing a ClimaHeat product.