Manchester Museum

The Brief

Manchester Museum were looking to create an innovative learning initiative to get children excited about history. They needed the highest quality design and materials to pull the replica off - so they came to Ingenious Structures.

The Challenge

It needed to be easily transportable in order to tour schools around Manchester, yet big enough to fit a class full of student and robust enough to house cabinets full of artefacts.

The Result

A truly visionary, bespoke, 8-metre replica of the Manchester Museum. Equipped with inflatable cabinets full of artefacts and a HD projection room for lessons. When deflated the replica is lightweight, fits into a small 1-m x 1-m box and takes a mere 30 minutes to inflate each time - perfect to transport around Manchester.

Plus! The exceptional quality of all of our materials ensured that the inflatable doesn’t lose shape throughout the deflation and inflation process at each school. Could an inflatable replica make your brand stand out?

The inflatable museum has been a huge success, being featured in a number of publications, including BBC News, BBC Newsround, The Manchester Evening News and Quays News.