The world’s largest Zorb made to fit the new Nissan Note

Nissan are renowned for their incredibly creative adverts, so we should have known when they first approached us that they would be looking for something out of the ordinary. Something like the world's biggest working Zorb, complete with a full-sized Note hatchback cushioned safely inside.       

The Brief

Nissan were looking for a completely bespoke inflatable to highlight the Note Hatchback’s Safety Shield Technology, and what they approached us with was truly outside of the box. They were looking for a ‘safety bubble’, and one that was big enough to hold a full size car - so, we gave them the world’s largest working Zorb.


The Challenge

The Zorb had to not only fit a full-size car inside, but it also needed to hold the car securely in place throughout any activities. And by activities we mean rolling it down a big, big hill.

Our team spent 8 weeks designing and building the inflatable, resulting in a bespoke Zorb measuring almost 8m in diameter and weighing over 1000kg. We spent a further week testing it to ensure all the parts worked as planned and that the car would be fully protected before we were happy to present Nissan with the finished product; The World’s Largest Zorb.


The Event

On the day of the shoot, we took the giant Zorb to a military training facility in the UK, where the car was loaded into the impressive build, and rolled down a series of steep hills – all caught on film for the Nissan TV advert.

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