Shell Fuel

Customised dome structure’s to launch Shell’s new ‘V Power Fuels’

To celebrate the launch of their new ‘V Power Fuels’, Shell hosted an event at Battersea Power Station, installing a gleaming white Inflatable Dome to highlight the innovative nature of their new fuel, against this traditional background.

The Brief

Shell wanted a unique inflatable venue that would highlight the innovative nature of their ‘V Power Fuels’, projecting a futuristic feel against the backdrop of Battersea Power Station to convey Shell’s vision of new generation structures with a new generation fuel.

Shell chose Ingenious Inflatables as the main contractor for this project, because of the complete range of client services we offer – including an all-in rental service; comprehensively designed, engineered and weatherproof structures; full engineering reports; a reputation for reliability; and overall cost effectiveness.

The Challenge

Because of the venue, timescales for this project were a priority, and the structure had to be erected and dismantled within a relatively small time frame.

We designed and manufactured two fully customised 14m inflatable domes, with joining tunnels, which we erected on site within 6 hours, complete with full doorways, flooring, carpet and light – well within the required time.


The Event

Thanks to our expert engineering, the project was completed on time, and Shell’s ‘V Power Fuels’ launch went off without a hitch. The two white domes gave a fantastic contemporary contrast against the backdrop of the Power Station, true to Shell’s vision, and everything was delivered right on time.