Up & Go

Inflatable replicas of Australia’s most famous landmarks

Australia’s number one breakfast drink brand Up & Go were looking for a unique way to launch their product into the UK – something that would highlight the fun, energetic nature of the brand, as well as paying homage to their Australian roots. So, we created them a giant inflatable obstacle course, in the shape of Sydney’s biggest landmarks.

The Brief

Up & Go were looking for a fun way to launch Australia’s favourite breakfast drink into the UK market, which would highlight its energetic nature. So, what we created was a giant obstacle course, in the shape of two of Sydney’s best known landmarks – the world’s largest blow up replica of the Sydney Bridge, accompanied by an inflatable replica of the Sydney Opera House.  

The two giant inflatables were set up on London’s Southbank, before being taken on a 6 week tour of the UK, where it was sited at many university campuses.


The Challenge

We worked with The Red Brick Road to successfully design, manufacture and take on tour this giant interactive challenge. The Inflatable replicas took us four weeks to design, and another 4 weeks to manufacture. The finished product took one day to install, making it easier to set up while on its tour.


The Event

The event was a great success, with the obstacle courses being featured in a number of publications, including Time Out London. You can see more on the event and the tour on Up & Go’s Facebook page – if you’re wondering, the current leading time to complete the challenge is 2 minutes and 33 seconds…