We Buy Any Car

Custom-made inflatables designed specifically for TV

Ingenious were contracted to produce large scale inflatable replicas of the iconic ‘we buy any car’ cars. These measured 4m long each and we had 10 days to design, produce and deliver to Malaga for the TV advert shoot. The advert was an amazing success for the client and Ingenious.  In 2014 we were asked to produce the large replicas again for the updated advert.


In July 2012, We Buy Any Car approached us to create several large scale inflatable replicas of their iconic colourful cars, to star in their TV advert. They liked the finished product so much, that in 2014 they asked us to do it all over again.


The Brief

 We Buy Any Car first approached us, together with Chief Productions (their TV production company) in 2012. They were looking for 10 large scale inflatable replicas of their logo cars, for use in their next TV advert.  The finished inflatables of the now iconic cars were to be delivered to the filming location, ready to shoot the advert.


The Challenge

 Due to the nature of the project, the inflatables had to be completed in record time. We had 10 days to design, produce, and deliver all 10 cars to location in Malaga for the shoot. The finished inflatable cars measured 4 metres long, in a variety of colours – right on brand for We Buy Any Car.


The Event

 The cars were finished and delivered to Malaga in plenty of time for the shoot, and the advert – which many UK audiences will recognise - was exactly what We Buy Any Car and Chief Productions were aiming for. In fact, they were so pleased with the finished result that when the next advert was made in 2014, they asked us to do it all over again.