Ingenious Structures popping up at the Euros


London, UK
Ingenious Structures, the premier supplier of inflatable products worldwide, is once again inflating their creative designs at the most imaginative events across the globe. This week saw two inflatable Pop Up Pods accompany Hyundai’s immersive dome for the screening of the EURO 2016.

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The Hyundai FanDome, hosted in London Kings Cross, is the ultimate place to experience all the highs and the lows of the EURO 2016. It has been described as ‘a live, immersive football experience like no other’.

The Pop Up Pod range is one of the most popular inflatables, seen at events hosted by global brands including Heineken, Virgin, Leica Geosystems, Barclays, Audi, Seat, CAT, Ice Tea and many others. The popularity of these eye catching inflatables is mainly down to the fully customised nature, including branding and colour options. Plus, the ease of set-up and transportation. Email here for a quote today.

Described as “Effortless branding” andPerfect for impact branding on the move” by Richard Reed, Director of Ingenious Inflatables.

Do you need some additional branding or a meeting place for your next event? Email today for a consultation and quote. 

Highlights of Pop Up Pods

- Highly customisable including branding, colour, shape and size
- Each structure comes in a wheeled bag, complete with pump, anchoring and everything required ready to use
- Quick and easy to transport
- Can be reused multiple times
- Design and delivered within 4 weeks (subject to availability) 

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