What’s next for the events industry?


Richard Reed, Director of Ingenious Structures, discusses the revolutionary event structure that event organisers have been waiting for. Meet the Hybrid.

For event organisers looking to create an unparalleled event experience and a lasting impression of their brand, look no further than the striking, high-end hybrid inflatable event structure. Combining both sophisticated engineering and elegant design to create the most advanced outdoor temporary event structure on the market.

What’s it made of?

Built with anodised aluminium and inflatable PVC pillows, the Hybrid portrays a contemporary look and feel, sure to grab headlines and welcome any customer with a breathtaking interior experience. Creating the rightful mood to engage and promote your product.

Richard Reed, Director of Ingenious Inflatables, says “The Hybrid is a multi-storey temporary event space, engineered to adhere to all UK and EU regulations. To suit your needs, the Hybrid structure is easily branded and is customisable with any exciting graphics and colours of your choice.”


“Location is always vital to generating the most attention” continues Reed. “Therefore, portability is key to advertise your brand in numerous locations and expand your customer base. The beauty of the hybrid structures is that it can be re-assembled as many times as you like. It can be used for contemporary exhibition space, product launches or marketing suites, complete with VIP bars and open roof terraces; it has exceptional functionality” Reed explains further.

Quick and efficient

However, this should not be an expensive option as the Hybrid structure has been designed to save any temporary event organiser precious time and money, as the speed of installation and de-rigging is quick and efficient. Compact-ability is tiny compared to the scale of the Hybrid structure when fully operational. Compared to anything else on the market, the Hybrid has an impressive ratio between being packed away and fully constructed.

Most importantly, travel costs are reduced significantly with the use of lightweight materials, such as PVC inflatable pillows, which account for 80% of the Hybrid. As an added bonus, travelling with lighter materials means less of a carbon footprint, so the environment benefits just as well as the organiser!

Richard explains “Each event structure is custom made, allowing you to create unique shapes, levels and size, completely bespoke to you; not lacking in space or aesthetics.”

Ingenious Structures have created a true performer, with marketing leading wind and snow loading, it can be used anywhere. Allowing organisers to host events in the most beautiful or unusual places. The sheer impressiveness of the design and headline-grabbing ability means the Hybrid can play a vital part in influencing a company’s brand and business.

Set-ups could include corporate hospitality, product launches, restaurants, cafes, bars, retail, marketing events, sponsorship, concerts, workshops or even a funky office space.