AXION Inflatable Event Tents

A wide range of sealed inflatable event tents - ideal for outdoor events

AXION event tents are extremely popular with exhibitors at all kinds of promotional events and the chances are that you will have already seen an Axion tent and probably also been in one too!

AXION event tents are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes providing from 10 to 125 m2 of floor area. They have the advantages of being quickly inflated - typically in less than 10 minutes, and not requiring a continuous power supply for the fan. Once inflated the structure is sealed by the non-return valve and screw-on cap, so there is no need for a continuously running and possibly noisy fan.

Ideally suited to outdoor trade shows, sports and promotional events, AXION tents are available in a wide range of colours and can be dye sublimation printed to create the corporate brand impact you need for an impressive event space. Stand out from the crowd, create a lasting and positive impression, choose an inflatable event tent from the market leader – AXION event tents. Only from Ingenious Inflatables, the sole UK suppliers of AXION products.

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Main Features

All AXION Tents can be fully branded

For full customisation, we also offer branding services that allow your logo, brand or event name to be displayed on your inflatable event tent using dye sublimation technology.

Sealed construction

For added convenience, AXION event tents boast sealed construction to eliminate the need for a continuously running electric fan mains connection, allowing them to be simply inflated by hand or electric pump, which is supplied with the event tent.

Exceptional wind resistance

In May 2013, we conducted a series of wind tests to prove the resistance of our AXION tents with outstanding results. All models showed excellent wind resistance: the AXION Shell withstood winds up to 50 km/h, the AXION Hexa 44 and 55, Lite 44 and 55 and Square 77 around 85 km/h, Square 66 around 90 km/h and Square 44 and 55 is 100 km/h.

Zip-off changeable roof

Consider getting more than one roof for your inflatable event tent - the simple zip-off system will allow you to change your roof at any time. Changeable pagoda roofs are also available from our range.

Standard or fire retardant fabric

We use high quality Polytex, a polyester fabric made in Europe which has been certified in accordance with European norm EN 13501-1. A less costly standard version of AXION tent is also available if a FR certificate isn’t required.

Choice of sizing

Opting for our Square, Lite, Hexa or Shell range of branded tents allows you to choose from four models that are available in 11 different sizes ranging from 11m2 to 56m2.


Each model and size of our pop-up pod product line fits together using connection tunnels. Open sides can be equipped with different types of side walls or inflatable visors. There are also plenty of universal accessories, such as top and base lights, pumps or ballast bags.

Extreme safety

Thanks to detachable horizontal beams, our pop-up pod range are one of the safest inflatable lines on the market. Tested for up to 100 km/h and certified for 60 km/h, it can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. The flexible structure will keep occupants of the tent safe during strong winds, bending and twisting with the wind and back to its original shape.

Reversible walls

Deciding whether to order artwork to face the inside or outside of the tent can be a bit of a dilemma. This isn’t a problem with our inflatable event tents, as all walls are reversible. You can also get double walls with an opaque layer inside, mosquito walls, panorama walls, section walls and more.

All-over sublimation transfer print

Handling the production process ourselves instead of outsourcing the task means all design elements are effortlessly taken care of with complete attention to detail – this includes branding across all of our lines. We only use the newest technology for dye sublimation printing on our inflatable tents and furniture as well as automatic cutting and welding. Please note that the standard delivery time for custom printed tents is approximately 4 weeks.

Fully serviceable by the user

A reserve bladder and repair kit are available for most pop-up pods in case of product damage. These event tents have been designed with a zip-off roof and a central tube connector to allow you to change the inflatable tube onsite within minutes should your product need repair, eliminating the need to send it back for a service. 


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Fully Brandable

We Deliver and Install

High Performance Engineering

Weather proof, up to 55mph winds

Branding and Colours +

Branding and Colours

The highly customisable nature of all AXION event tents doesn't stop at the wide selection of designs, shapes and sizes available. All AXION event tents can be supplied in a wide variety of colours, or they can be dye sublimation printed to match any colour that you specify. Your logo, strap line and any message can be printed on any, or all of the walls, the roof and even the visor of your event tent. Let your imagination run wild and create a stunning presence with an AXION event tent - only available though Ingenious Inflatables. Call us to answer any questions that you may have and get a no obligation quotation.


Extras +


LED lighting systems can have a transformative effect on the inside of your event tent, giving your guests a spectacle to remember. As an optional extra, we can provide internal LED lighting systems on all AXION event tents.

Windows and Doors

All AXION event tents can be supplied with either a standard size transparent window, or a wide panoramic window in any wall. A zipped in door can also be provided in any wall that you specify, or the tent can be left open at the front.


A durable PVC fabric floor can be supplied for all event tents and for very rough ground you can also specify a protection ground sheet as well.

FREE 3D Render +

Get a FREE 3D Render of your Event Tent

Click through to the range of AXION tents and select the model that suits your needs, tell us how many walls, doors and windows you require and then send us your artwork files (corporate identity info. including: logo, colours, strap line, fonts, etc.). We will then send you a 3D render of your event tent along with a quotation.

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