Geodesic Domes

Constructed from a complex network of triangles, our Geo Dome all-weather structures can withstand the most extreme weather conditions, including wind speeds of up to 100 mph.

The Geodesic Dome’s resilient yet lightweight aluminium or steel frame will prove reliably stable in an array of extreme weather conditions, including heavy snowfall. Its strength coupled with an impressive aesthetic makes it a practical yet striking choice for events and temporary use in any environment, from bustling city centres to a windy hilltop.

Available in sizes ranging from 6m to 30m in diameter, our Geo Domes can either act as standalone structures or can be linked to larger modular frames to create separate yet interconnected event spaces.

What’s more, every Geo Dome structure can be fully customised according to preference or the needs of your brief. Our highly experienced design team will work closely with you to ensure an appearance you’re completely happy with, installing windows, heating and cooling mechanisms, flooring and providing you with swatches of colours as required. Logos can also be applied to the exterior of the Geo Dome to create a unique representation of your brand that is sure to be remembered.

We Deliver and Install

Fully Brandable

High Performance Engineering

Weather proof, up to 55mph winds

Customised Version Available

Branding and Colours +


The highly customisable nature of our designs don’t just stop at the layout and build of our products. Branding can be screen or digitally printed onto our Geo Dome structures permanently, or temporary logos can be added as vinyl or Dacron adhesive panels. Fully replaceable covers are also available for our range of Geo Domes. These can be branded and printed to ensure your inflatable structure matches your brand.


Our Geodesic Dome covers are constructed from a reinforced PVC to ensure complete all weather resilience and come in white as standard but a full colour range is available. Arrange a consultation with one of our highly experienced team members to discuss the full range of materials on offer and any requirements you may have with regard to your brief. All fabrics are tested for performance and flammability to standards: BS 7837:1996 / BS 5438:1989.

Dimensions and Technical +

 Geodesic Dome Sizes


  6m 8m 10m 12m 14m 20m 24m
Diameter (m) 6 8 10 12 14 20 24
Height (m) 3 4 5 6 7 10 12
Internal floor space (m²) 28 50 78 113 154 314 452
Rental Option No No No No No No No
Data Sheet Geodomes
Branding Full Colour Printing Available

Extras for Geodesic Domes +


LED lighting systems can have a transformative effect on the inside of our inflatable Geo Dome tents, giving your guests a spectacle to remember. As an optional extra, we can provide ambient internal LED lighting systems, comprising of one colour or a mixture.


Trussing is not required when it comes to using our products as our range of Geo Domes have been designed to be used free-standing. However, full internal trussing systems are available and can also be used to hang PA equipment or light sources.

Doors and closures

Our designs are as concerned with security as they are with stability and safety. As a result, all of our Geo Dome structures come with custom made zipped in and out doors as standard. A full metal and glass fire exit double door systems is available. These provide fire safety openings that are fully lockable for increased security.


Flooring can greatly enhance the interior of our Geodesic Dome tents. For grass and hard standing, we offer lightweight snap lock flooring on request, which can be further enhanced with a finishing carpet. Aluminium and ply flooring offers a professional and stable surface and can take a number of finishes including carpets and wooden flooring.


We’re confident that our exceptional design and service will supply you with exactly the structure that you need for your event; which is why we offer a 12 month warranty on the manufacturing process and materials on all of our ranges. Please ensure that the user manual and installation guides are followed. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather and installation conditions, we reserve the right to carry out an onsite inspection to determine if the warranty conditions have been met.