Spheres and Blimps

Get maximum impact with our inflatable spheres and blimps.

Our exciting range of traditional blimps, spheres and advertising cubes are sure to get you noticed. Made specifically for exhibition use, or custom-made to order for bespoke shapes and sizes, our inflatable helium-filled products make a great choice for indoor and outdoor use.

Whether you’re looking to make a bigger advertising impact or you want to draw attention to your office or store location, our team can design, manufacture and brand your chosen helium-inflatable. If required, a member of our team can also be on hand to make sure the set up goes smoothly on the day of the event, so all you have to focus on is making the event a success.

Fully Brandable

We Deliver and Install

Customised Version Available

Helium-filled Inflatable Shapes

We’ve got a wide range of helium inflatable shapes that are perfect for exhibitions and events, including traditional blimps and exhibition spheres. If you’re not sure which type of inflatable shape is right for your needs, here’s a short breakdown of the key branding and usage differences.

Traditional Blimps

Our traditional helium blimps come in a huge range of colours and can be completely branded. Available in sizes from 3m up to 12m in length, they fly around 60m above ground and make great and highly visible site markers for outdoor locations and events. Our blimp designs allow you to choose different colours for the main body and the fins, as well as permanent branding or Velcro panelling for the main message, which will allow you to change the message in the future.

Exhibition Spheres

Our exhibition spheres are a great choice for indoor and outdoor use and come in a full spectrum of colours, so there is something for everyone. These can be branded all over, or can just include a simple logo – the choice is yours. Sizes range from small 1m spheres to larger 8m spheres.

Advertising Cubes

A smart alternative to the traditional blimp, our advertising cubes can be printed with a message or logo in all 4 sides for a strong visual impact. We offer these in a range of colours and sizes from 2 to 4 cubic meters.

Bespoke Helium Inflatables

If you’re looking for something very specific our bespoke helium products might be the way forward. We can work with you to design and manufacture the perfect inflatable to suit your brand, product and venue or event requirements – just let us know what you’re after and we can do the rest!